Release Notes


Marketplace (Merchants) is now called Marketplace (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Merchants) is now Marketplace (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.


January 2023

Shopify Improvements

  • Retailers can now import a high-risk order using the retry utility feature
  • A notification is sent every time an order is skipped due to its risk profile
  • For orders that have a discount applied, the Discount Value and Original Order Values will also be captured

Other enhancements

  • Cost Updates on Proposals - Suppliers can now submit updates on an existing proposal that is in Draft State. For cost revision on an already sent proposal, the retailer needs to return it before the cost updates can be applied.
  • Importing Products - Product Spreadsheets with blank files will not result in an error, the blank rows will be ignored
  • Item List Page - Inventory Count is now clickable and shows the history of inventory updates
  • Supplier List Page - Retailers can see the progress of supplier onboarding on the list page directly
  • Supplier Detail Page - Retailers can view the integration details of the Supplier on the details page
  • Filter for Orders - Retailers can now filter for orders with the retailer SKU present inside an order
  • Export Templates - Unnecessary fields of Mandatory and Level have been removed from the export templates
  • Import Templates - You can now change existing mapping and add new mappings to an existing template. You can also delete an existing mapping
  • Connection Notes - Suppliers will be notified of an existing memo is edited
  • Attribute Value Transformers - Identifier group attributes (such as SKU, UPC etc) cannot be added to a transformer
  • Lead Time Attribute - Lead Time attribute will only accept integer values and any other types will be rejected. Send the values as just the raw number and the default unit is Days. For example, if the Lead Time is 7 days, add the value as 7. If the lead time is 48 hours, add the value as 2 to represent as 2 days
  • EDI Cancellation - We now support order full and partial cancellations with EDI 855 document

October 2022

Retailers can consolidate invoices and create payments for their suppliers.

Payments can be in Draft, and can be marked as Paid once Check information is provided.

Retailers can now create and manage product rulesets.

Retailer & supplier admins can create attribute value transformers to find and replace attribute values. 

Retailers can view and create new proposal departments under the Retailers Settings sections. Existing departments can also be modified.

Retailer specific

  • Orders imported from Shopify will now consider order discounts for calculating the net price of item
  • If Retailers have enabled Retailer SKU generation, then Shopify product export will consider Retailer SKU as the identifier instead of supplier SKU
  • Retailers can see the Welcome Call date of their connection on the Supplier Detail Page
  • Retailers can edit the Catalog Import method of every supplier from Supplier Detail Page
  • Retailers can now add a prefix to auto-generated retailer SKUs. This is only applied on future products.
  • Retailers using Shopify integration can configure their Fraud Order import settings to skip/receive orders with medium risk

Supplier specific and generic

  • Suppliers will be able to see a counter of proposals returned by the retailer under Show existing Proposals
  • Added more fields in the Zendesk request form for retailer and supplier support
  • Orders can be searched with a given Supplier SKU

September 2022

Retailers can leave notes for themselves and their suppliers to capture connection details.

Retailers can now configure their deployment to skip orders based on Shopify’s fraud order recommendation system.

Retailers can configure static Sold To addresses to be used as Billing Address for supplier POs.

August 2022

Retailers can now view real-time progress of supplier onboarding.

Retailers can now create Purchase Orders from the platform UX.

July 2022

Users can create Zendesk support tickets with attachments using the fabric portal help section.

June 2022

Use a single dashboard for all order management.

Review and accept proposals online.

Forward dropshipping order details to suppliers for order fulfillment.

Generate sales and compliance reports.

Manage billing and payments for suppliers.

Invite and manage new suppliers from dashboard.