Shipping & Tracking


Marketplace (Merchants) is now called Marketplace (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Merchants) is now Marketplace (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.


The Shipments & Tracking dashboard allows Retailers to see all shipments sent by all of their suppliers in one spot.

Click on Shipments & Tracking from the menu at the right of the Orders page.

The Tracking #s page features a filterable list of all existing shipments with sortable column headers.

  • Supplier: Name of the supplier who sent the shipment
  • Service: Shipping service the supplier used
  • Tracking #: The shipment tracking number. Clicking on an individual tracking number in the list opens the Shipment Detail window.
  • PO #: The purchase order associated with the shipment
  • Registered: Date the shipment was registered, shown in the user’s local time zone
  • Acknowledged: Date the retailer acknowledged the shipment as complete
  • Track: A link to the carrier’s website to track the shipment directly