Product Management

Upload all your product offerings and submit them to your connected retailer partners.


Marketplace (Suppliers) is now called Dropship (Suppliers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Suppliers) is now Dropship (Suppliers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Browse your catalog

To view the items in your current catalog and their inventory levels, select Browse Products & Inventory from the Products dashboard.

On the Items page, you have options to filter the view based on several criteria by selecting Filter.

To find any instance of a particular item, use the Search function.

To create a file with the information currently in view, select the Export dropdown and choose the option you require. A download link will arrive at the email address of the account you are using in 5-10 minutes.

Adding products to your catalog

To upload products into your product catalog, navigate to the Products page by clicking Products in the top navigation menu.

On the Products page click Import or Update Products.

To upload your products, select the correct template from the dropdown based on the category of products you are uploading.

Select Download Empty Template to obtain a .csv file to populate with your info. To view the headers on the file click the Show Headers link. 

Select the completed file you wish to upload and click Begin Import.

Review the results of your import.

To update your current inventory, select Update Inventory from the Product dashboard and follow the same steps as adding products above.

Submitting products to retail partners

Once your items have been uploaded and added to your catalog, you can now submit those items to your connected retail partners. 

To submit items to your retail partners, select Submit New Proposal on the Products dashboard.

On the Introduction page, select Get Started.

In the Select Retail Partner dropdown, choose the partner to receive your proposal.

Select the Category of products for this proposal.

Upload the file with your product inventory. If you need a template, click the Download sample link.

Click the Create Proposal button.

Once your file has been uploaded successfully, you will see the Completed indication. If there are any errors, you will be notified and instructions will appear on possible corrections.

To complete the process, click Review Compatibility.

Dropship will now compare and validate your imported data with the requirement of the retailer who will receive your proposal. If the data is valid, you will see Compatibility Passed indication. 

If there are any errors, you will be notified and instructions will appear on possible corrections. 

Here you will be able to review all failing attributes (requirements) with instructions on how to resolve them.

  • I want to fix it myself: This option allows your team to resolve the compatibility issues yourself. Your team will need to make the necessary corrections to the failing attributes on the file used to create the proposals. Once corrections have been made to the existing file, you can select the “I want to fix it myself” button to re-import the same file (with corrections) to the affected proposals to clear compatibility issues.
  • Get help from fabric: This option allows your team to submit a request to the Dropship Product Onboarding team for further assistance. Once the product onboarding team has received your request, they will begin reviewing the affected proposal to help clear compatibility errors and enrich product data.

Once compatibility is passing on your proposal, you can proceed to Submit for Approval, which will notify the retailer that there is a proposal to review.