Offers is fabric's pricing and promotions engine with tools to manage your pricing, promotions, and coupons in one place.

fabric Offers works in conjunction with Products to set up and manage stock keeping unit (SKU) prices. Its wide range of coupon and promotion features let you design deals ranging from single-use, customer-specific coupons to site-wide promotions.


Copilot is the primary interface for working with fabric applications. You will need an active account, including an account ID, to access Copilot. Contact your Copilot Admin or Customer Success representative to obtain these credentials.

Offers must be connected to a front-end such as a web storefront or mobile app to display content and facilitate interaction.

Note: Prior to using Offers, you must be an existing Products user. Without product data already uploaded into the Items tab in Products, you will not be able to create prices, price lists, promotions, or coupons in Offers.

Launching Offers

To launch Offers, log in to your Copilot account and select Offers from the top menu bar or the Offers tile on the Home page.


Offers is divided into four separate sections accessible from the left menu selections

  • Pricing - set and track the price of items in your webstore
  • Promotions - automatically applied discounts at checkout
  • Coupons - discount codes that customers can apply at checkout
  • Settings - set and update price lists

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

fabric Copilot provides the ability to restrict the access of different users to information and actions available to them through roles. For more information and instructions on how to set up these controls, visit the RBAC documentation.