The API reference guide provides comprehensive documentation on the API endpoints offered by Commerce Fabric Inc, also known as fabric. This guide details how to use these endpoints and assists users in integrating fabric’s capabilities into their ecommerce solutions, enabling developers and businesses to leverage the full potential of the platform.

Audience and Purpose

This documentation is designed for system integrators, developers, and merchant users. The aim is to provide these users with detailed information on how to effectively integrate, use, and adapt the fabric platform for their specific ecommerce needs.

Terms and Conventions

In the API reference guide , the term we refers to fabric. The term customers may have different meanings depending on the context. Customer is used to denote the consumers of fabric’s products and services and is also used to imply the service Customer, which is used to manage information for both individual customers and organizations with whom you conduct business, including any contracts in place.

The term customer, when lowercase, typically refers to the users of fabric’s products. However, in certain contexts where it is capitalized, it indicates fabric’s Customer feature.

The term product denotes any item or service available for sale. However, in specific contexts, it directly refers to fabric’s Product APIs.

For all other terms used in fabric, see the Glossary.

fabric Commerce Platform

fabric Commerce Platform is a cloud-native, headless, API-first ecommerce platform offering a comprehensive suite of APIs and applications that help you build your ecommerce store with flexibility, scalability, and speed. With a separate sales channel for frontend and backend processing systems, fabric Commerce Platform provides developers with the flexibility to build, integrate, and maintain highly personalized B2C or multi-channel commerce experiences with precision.

fabric Commerce Platform supports multiple geographical regions. For each tenant, accounts and stores are created in a specific region. However, tenants can also have one account to maintain multiple regions.

For evaluating fabric commerce platform and other fabric products click here and sign up for a free trial and set up your environment and credentials.