Before creating items in the Product Catalog, proper attribute mapping is essential to ensure other systems can read and use data from the Product Catalog.

fabric has a predefined set of mandatory attributes for items and bundles that Product Catalog uses to deliver a consistent and reliable experience across channels.

However, merchants may have their own naming conventions for these attributes. For instance, Product Catalog uses the term SKU to refer to a unique product identifier while some merchants use the terms UPC or Part Number. To address this inconsistency, merchant-defined attributes are mapped to fabric attributes as productId -> fabric SKU.

Only the SKU is mandatory to create items, but each basic attribute should be mapped to exactly one attribute from the list of attributes.

Attribute mapping is done once, prior to uploading any items or bundles. After you have mapped the attributes and begun uploading, the features in attribute mapping are disabled.

Basic Attributes Detail

Refer to the following table for more information about each attribute.

Mapping NameAttribute SpecificationsWhy does this need to be mapped?
SKUMust be a mandatory AttributeEach SKU value must be unique. This attribute serves as the primary identifier for items to be created in Product Catalog.
Product TitleA text or number type attribute is recommendedThis attribute helps Product Catalog identify the display name of the item or bundle.
Primary Product ImageA text type attribute is recommended hereThis attribute helps Product Catalog identify the main image of the product for thumbnail purposes.
ActiveMust be a mandatory attributeMust be a Boolean type attribute. Name the attribute to be Active which can be set to true/false. Required to maintain the status of item to active/disabled. Only items where status is set to Active=TRUE will be available for the commerce API to consume.
Variant AttributeA text type attribute is recommendedThis attribute helps fabric applications identify the attributes that drive variants for items, like color, size, or material. If there are more than one of these attributes, put their exact titles separated by a comma in the attribute value field on the Item Details page.