Build, Extend, and Elevate fabric’s API-first platform gives developers the control and flexibility to easily build from scratch or integrate with the existing stack, to compose the perfect commerce experiences.
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Developer Guides and API references Explore our docs to see what you can build with fabric.
Products Quickly set up a robust and scalable product information manager with a few endpoints.
Orders Easily set up and configure an order management system to enable merchants to track, manage and fulfill orders across all distribution models and channels with ease.
Offers Enable merchants to easily create and manage pricing strategies across all channels with a few endpoints.
Dropship Enable merchants to easily build, manage, and scale dropshipping with this step-by-step integration guide.
Cart & Checkout Build robust and seamless cart-to-checkout experiences with our Cart and Checkout APIs.
Identity Easily create and update local and guest user identities with our Identity APIs.
Customer Easily create and update customer profiles with our Customer API.
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