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fabric Shipping v3 API queries

Hi, I had the following questions related to the fabric Shipping v3 API

  1. Would it be ok if I don't provide Weight, Dimensions, and CartValue for a shipping method? The API allows it, I just want to make sure nothing is going to break somewhere further down the pipeline.
  2. There is a header I must provide with every request x-fabric-channel-id. Is there a specific value you would like us to use? I'm currently using "12" for my tests, like in the examples in the API docs.
  3. A shipping method returned by GetShippingMethod API (and some others too) has a boolean isDeleted field. What's the idea behind it? How is it meant to be used?
    If we would ever need to delete a shipping method we're planning to call the PATCH endpoint and set isDeleted = true instead of calling DELETE, just to be safe.
  4. Just to doublecheck- accounts for US and CA would be different with regards to shipping?