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Product Images

Hello, After importing product SKUs, how do I add respective images to the products?

ServiceNow Integration

Hello, Has anyone integrated with ServiceNow? If so, was it OOTB? Can you provide some insight into the process?

Getting orders

var options = new RestClientOptions("<"+OrderID)>; var client = new RestClient(options); var request = new RestRequest(""); request.AddHeader("accept", "application/json"); request.AddHeader("x-api-key", "aasdfsadf"); try { var response = await client.GetAsync(request); string tmp = response.Content; OrdersListAPI.OrdersContainer Orders = GetOrderList(tmp); ShowOrders(Orders); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } When I run the code I get InternalServerError. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

fabric Shipping v3 API queries

Hi, I had the following questions related to the fabric Shipping v3 API 1. Would it be ok if I don't provide Weight, Dimensions, and CartValue for a shipping method? The API allows it, I just want to make sure nothing is going to break somewhere further down the pipeline. 2. There is a header I must provide with every request x-fabric-channel-id. Is there a specific value you would like us to use? I'm currently using "12" for my tests, like in the examples in the API docs. 3. A shipping method returned by GetShippingMethod API (and some others too) has a boolean isDeleted field. What's the idea behind it? How is it meant to be used? If we would ever need to delete a shipping method we're planning to call the PATCH endpoint and set isDeleted = true instead of calling DELETE, just to be safe. 4. Just to doublecheck- accounts for US and CA would be different with regards to shipping?

fabric Shipping API AddressType

When we create shipping there's an AddressType which can be APO (army post office) or MPO (military post office). Is there a value for a "regular" kind of address? It's a required parameter, but is it ok if I leave it blank?

Different product groups per customer group / organization

Is it possible to have multiple product groups or catalog assigned to different customer groups? So if a specific registered customer comes to the shop it can only see the products that are assigned to him.

What is the difference between Category Attributes and Item Attributes?

I’m a little confused about the different hierarchies, and I would like to make sure I have a clear understanding before uploading any data.

What are the steps for creating a new item using APIs?

I already created the initial bulk of items, but would like to add a few new ones. Does anyone know the steps to add in single items with the Products API?