Menus enable custom navigation paths that can be quickly modified.


XM is now called Experiences

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. XM is becoming Experiences, but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Menu nodes

Experiences users can employ parent and child categories to create multiple navigation paths and multichannel offerings using a configurable hierarchical structure.

Clicking on the Department menu item will reveal submenus (nodes) in the same hierarchy that will appear on the finished webpage. Department represents the main menu selections or top-most navigation elements. Each section to the right will appear as you mouseover or click on the main menu selection on the completed page.

Node edit options

Mousing over a node activates the vertical ellipsis () with a menu of available operations.

  • Rename - edit the node name
  • Edit item - modify the parameters, attributes and images related to that node
  • Delete - remove the node permanently
  • Enable - make the node visible on the webpage

Modifying node parameters

To edit node parameters, mouseover the node, click on the vertical ellipsis () to bring up the menu and select Manage node. The modal box will contain the parameters to be modified.

  • Enable or disable the menu item using the toggle in the upper right
  • Change the node name by entering it in Item name field
  • Declare the subdirectory URL by entering it into the URL path field
  • Add attributes for searching and other functions by adding the info in the Enter parameter and Enter value fields