Define location details and manage how they fulfill orders


The Locations page shows a list of all locations you have created previously with a Create Location button at the top-right. The table allows you to sort locations by Location Number, Location Name, Location Address, Status, and Last Updated.

Setting Up a Location

Click Add Location at the top of the page to create a location, or hover over an already existing location in the table and click on the pencil icon at the right to edit it.

In the Location Information section, give the location a name and assign it a number

Use the optional Coordinate 1 and Coordinate 2 fields for precise geolocation.

Set its status, whether Active or Inactive. Active locations are a part of your inventory network, Inactive locations are not.

In the Contact & Address section, fill out the information for a contact at the location, as well as the location’s physical address.

Operating Hours

The Operating Hours section lets you input a location’s hours with the option to create separate hours for store operation and curbside pickup.

To enable Operating Hours, check the Enable specific operating hours (optional) box.

Use the Select working days dropdown to choose which days you would like to configure. The days you choose and several additional dropdowns and other controls will appear below.

Use the first two dropdowns to set the day’s operating hours. Use the Operating Location dropdown to choose whether the hours apply to the location’s Store only, Curbside pickup only, or Store and Curbside pickup hours.

The controls to the right allow you to add, clone, and delete the row.

Cloning a row is especially useful if a single location has separate operating hours for store only and curbside pickup only on the same day.