Inviting Suppliers

Invite new suppliers to your dropship program and manage existing connected suppliers.


Marketplace (Retailers) is now called Dropship (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Retailers) is now Dropship (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

To invite a new supplier to your dropship program, click on Suppliers in the top navigation menu.

Click Invite Supplier in the upper right of the page.

Complete the Supplier Info section of the pop up form by entering the name of the supplier and the primary contacts first name, last name, and email address.

If the connection settings of the new supplier will be different than your accounts default settings, you can change those settings during the invite process by using the Advanced Settings on the invite form. 

NOTE: Your account default settings will be set during your initial retailer onboarding with the help of your Customer Success Manager.

To invite a new supplier who will have different account settings:

  • Check I want to override the settings below box on the invite form
  • Select the settings you wish to create for this supplier using the dropdowns
    • Default Fulfillment SLA
    • Payment Terms
    • Cost Model
    • Returns & Customer Service Allowance
  • When the form is complete, click Send Invitation

Your new supplier will receive an email from the Dropship Platform prompting them to sign in and begin the onboarding process. They will be guided through that process with the assistance of a fabric Supplier Onboarding Specialist.  

Managing invitations

To manage the suppliers you have invited, navigate to the Suppliers page and click Invitationslocated in the New Suppliers section.

The Invitations page will provide you with a list of all suppliers who you have sent an invitation to but have yet to access the platform.  

If your supplier has not received the invite email, you can resend the email by clicking the Resend button next to that supplier. 

Activating new suppliers

Once a supplier accepts your invitation, they will move to the Onboarding section on the Suppliers page.

To activate a new supplier, navigate to the Supplier page and click Onboarding within the Browse Suppliers section of the suppliers page.

This page will provide you with a list of suppliers who have accepted your invite and in the process of setting up their account.

Click on the blue supplier link to pull up that suppliers detail page.

On the Supplier Detail page, click Onboarding in the left connection menu to pull up the status of their onboarding.

Once all onboarding tasks have been completed, return to the summary page and click Activate on the top left of the Supplier Detail page. 

NOTE:  If you do not activate a new supplier, they will not be able to receive orders.

Once the supplier is Active, they will move from the Onboarding section to the Active section within the Suppliers page and they can begin receiving orders.