View and manage invoices for all dropship orders.


Marketplace (Retailers) is now called Dropship (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Retailers) is now Dropship (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Viewing invoices

To access the invoices associated with your dropship orders, navigate to the Orders page. Select Invoiceslocated in the Reports section of the Orders dashboard.

On the Invoices page use the filter options to get a report of the invoices you are wanting to view or export.  

To export your invoice report, use the Export button on the upper right hand side of the invoices page. 

Your invoice report will be send via email to the user who requested the export.  

Managing invoices

The fabric Dropship Platform provides you the tools to manage invoices by updating their status to both Acknowledged and Paid.

To update the status of invoices, select Invoiceslocated in the Reports section of the Orders dashboard.

Select the invoices you wish to update as Acknowledged or Paid.

To acknowledge receipt of the invoices, select Accept Invoices from the Actions dropdown.

To mark invoices as Paid, select select Mark Invoices as Paid from the Actions dropdown.