Review and approve proposals online.


Marketplace (Merchants) is now called Marketplace (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Merchants) is now Marketplace (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.


A proposal is a list of items submitted  by a supplier to a retailer partner directly in the Marketplace Platform. 

When a proposal is submitted by one of your connected suppliers, you will receive an email notification that a new list of items has been submitted. You can then review the items on that proposal prior to accepting and approving. 

Proposal types

There are two types of proposals that can be submitted by suppliers

  • New item proposals - these proposals will contain new items that are not currently available on your site.
  • Cost update proposals - these proposals will contain existing items that have already been approved but require a change to the agreed upon wholesale cost.

Both proposals will be reviewed and approved with the same process outlined below. 

Managing proposals

To manage both new item proposals and cost update proposals, navigate to the Products page and select Proposals, located in the Curate section of the Products page.


On the Assortment Proposals page, select Proposedto pull up a list of all recently submitted proposals.

Assortment proposals

The Proposal page will contain a list of all submitted proposals that have yet to be actioned. 

To review a proposal from the list, click the blue link in the proposal ID column to access the Proposal Detail page.


Using the Proposal Menu on the Proposal Detail page you can review the items on the proposal at both the product level or the item level.

Once items have been reviewed and you would like to approve the items, return to the summary screen using the proposal menu and click Approve.

Proposal detail

Once the proposal is approved, it will move to the Ready to Publish section on the Assortment Proposals page.

Click on the Ready to Publish section to pull up a list of approved proposals that contain the items that are ready to be published on your site. 

Assortment proposals

To pull up a proposal from the list, click the blue link in the proposal ID column to access the Proposal Detail page.

On the Proposal Detail page, you can now export the list of items on the proposal and prepare new items to be published on your site or cost changes to be made.

To complete the process and remove the proposal from the Ready to Publish section, click Acknowledge.

Acknowledging the proposal will move the proposal to the Completed section on the main Proposals page. 

Proposal detail

Once the items from the proposal are added to your site you can begin receiving orders for those items.