Returns and Credit Memos

Create returns on orders and manage the credit memos associated with those returns.


Marketplace (Retailers) is now called Dropship (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Retailers) is now Dropship (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Creating returns

To create a return on an order, navigate to the Orders dashboard by clicking on Orders in the top menu bar.  

Search for the order you wish to create the return on and click the PO# that is displayed in the search results to pull up the order detail page.

NOTE:  An order must be in a closed status in order to create a return against that order.

On the Order Detailpage click Start a Return.  

Complete the form by selecting a reason for the return, adding an RMA number (optional), and entering the number of items being returned.

Submit the return by clicking on Start Return.

Once a return has been created against an order, the supplier associated with that order will be notified via email of the return.  The supplier can then either Approve or Decline the return.  

Managing returns

To track and manage returns, navigate to the Orders dashboard and click Returns located in the Reports section of the dashboard.

The Returns page will provide you with a list of all returns and their current status (Pending, Approved, Declined).

Credit memos

If your supplier approves a return that was created against an order, they then have the ability to create a Credit Memo against that return.

To access Credit Memos, navigate to the Orders dashboard and using the More dropdown, and select Review Credit Memos.

The Credits page provides you with a list of all credit memos submitted by your suppliers.  You can use the filtering options to create a report of specific credit memos.  

Click the blue ID link of a specific credit memo to pull up additional details of that credit memo.