Set the conditions and validations used by the Proposal Department.


Marketplace (Retailers) is now called Dropship (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Retailers) is now Dropship (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.


A ruleset is a set of conditions that can be applied to a proposal through the feature called Proposal Departments. A ruleset consists of multiple rule groups. Each rule group can have multiple rules configured where each rule dictates the conditions for an individual attribute.

  • Retailers and suppliers use rulesets to dictate the terms of a proposal department
  • Rules set under a ruleset are applied to all items and attributes during a proposal
  • Proposal compatibility will check all the items from the template and apply the rulesets on them. Only validated items will be added to the proposal
  • Every retailer must have at least 2 rulesets, one to be used as Retailer ruleset and one to be used as suppliers ruleset. Refer to Proposal Departments for more details.

Create a Ruleset

To create a ruleset, login to your dashboard, select Retailer Settings, then Product Rulesets, then Create Ruleset.

Enter a Name and Description of the ruleset.

Click Create and the new ruleset will appear in the list.

Create a Rule Group inside the Ruleset

To configure a Rule Group in a Ruleset, click on the Ruleset Name you created.

Click on Create inside the Rule Group section and complete the dialog box

  • Name - Name of the Rule Group. This represents the group to which the attribute belongs. For example, all identifier-related attribute rules can be part of the a single group called Identification.
  • Position - Only an integer is accepted. This will dictate the order of this group on the item details page.
  • Description - An optional description of the Rule Group.

Click Save.

A single Ruleset can have any number of Rule Groups.

Create rule group

Create a rule inside a Rule Group

To add a rule, click on the relevant Rule Group.

Click on Create inside the Rules section and complete the dialog box

  • Attribute - Select an attribute on which you want to apply the rule.

    • Note: This list will have the attribute names as defined by fabric Dropship. Retailers’ own attribute names are not shown here, so be careful when selecting the attribute while creating a rule.
  • Name - Provide a name for the rule.

  • Position - Set the priority of the rule. This will dictate the order in which this attribute should appear on the Item details page.

  • Description - an optional field to add a description to the rule.

  • Is Required - Determines if the attribute must be included to pass the compatibility with this Ruleset.

Click Save.

A single Rule Group can have any number of rules.

Create rule

Adding validators to a rule (optional)

A validator Enables retailers to set more complex validations on their attributes.

Once a rule is added, validators can be added to it.

  • Multiple validators are available to be added, however, only one validator can be added per rule.

To add a validator, click Add next to the rule inside the list.

Select the validation Type from the dropdown menu.

Enter the relevant expression in Value.

Click Save.