Supplier Information


Marketplace (Merchants) is now called Marketplace (Retailers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Merchants) is now Marketplace (Retailers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.


As a retailer, you can manage your suppliers, see their details, and make changes to their accounts from the Supplier page.

To access the Supplier page, select Suppliers from the menu at the top. The Suppliers page features a dashboard that allows you to search for existing suppliers, invite new ones, and browse suppliers by status. There’s also a supplier calendar that allows you to look ahead at upcoming supplier events.

Supplier Information - Supplier dashboard

Use the search bar or the options under Browse Suppliers to find existing suppliers. Searching for or browsing suppliers displays a list of suppliers.

Supplier Information - Supplier list

Clicking on a supplier’s name opens the Supplier Detail page.

Supplier Detail Page

The Supplier Detail page shows information about the supplier, broken up in to four menus available at the left-hand side of the page: Summary, Locations, Attributes, and Carriers.

Supplier Information - Supplier Detail page


Summary is the default view of the Supplier Detail menu. At the top of the Summary menu is a button that allows you to either Activate or Suspend the supplier, depending on the supplier’s status.

  • Activate - The Activate button is available for suppliers that have completed the onboarding process. You must click Activate in order to complete their onboarding process and enable their supplier account.
  • Suspend - The Suspend button is available for active suppliers that have completed onboarding. It allows you to suspend their status as your supplier at any time.

Below the status button, the Summary Menu shows basic information about the supplier. There are five sections: Connection Detail, Payment Settings, SLAs, Contacts, and Settings.

Connection Detail

The Connection Detail section displays the following information:

  • Supplier: The supplier’s name
  • Supplier #: The supplier’s number
  • Supplier ID: The supplier’s ID
  • Integration Type: The integration type the supplier used
  • Catalog Import Method: The method of catalog sharing you used to for this specific supplier
  • Welcome Call Date: The date the supplier had their scheduled welcome call with fabric Marketplace
  • Packing Slip Template: The type of packing slip the supplier uses to fulfill the retailer’s orders. This is a global setting. See the Settings page to learn more.

Click the Edit button next to the Connection Detail heading to make changes to this section. In the Update Settings popup that appears, you can make changes to the Supplier #, Transactions Integration type, and Catalog Import Method type. Please note that while it is possible to edit these settings, it is recommended that you contact fabric support prior to making any changes in the Update Settings popup.

Payment Settings

The Payment Settings section displays the following information:

  • Cost Tracking: the cost method the retailer is using for this specific supplier connection
  • Payment Terms: The payment terms the retailer is using for the supplier connection

Click the Edit button next to the Payment Settings heading to make changes to this section. In the Update Connection Fees popup that appears, you can make changes to the Cost Method, Commission Rate, and Payment Terms. Please note that, for auditing purposes, we recommend that you do not make changes to these settings. If changes are necessary, please contact fabric support first.


The SLAs section shows the number of days the Service-Level Agreement gives the supplier to fulfill an order. Click the Edit button next to the SLAs heading to make changes. In the Update Connection SLAs popup that appears, enter the number of days the supplier has to fulfill an order. When finished, click Save Settings.


The Contacts section displays the following information:

  • Primary: The primary point of contact at the supplier’s business
  • Merchandising: The merchandising point of contact at the supplier’s business
  • Fulfillment: The fulfillment point of contact at the supplier’s business

The information is displayed as it was when the account was set up and cannot be edited.

Connection Notes

The Connection notes section keeps notes from fabric staff or the retailer to store any critical information or decisions while onboarding or during business with the supplier.

Supplier Information - Connection Notes

Click the Add a Note button to create a new note.

In the Add Note popup that appears, enter a message, use the Message Visibility dropdown to choose who can see the note, and use the Message Notification checkbox to choose whether or not creating this new note will send an email to all those selected in the Message Visibility dropdown. When you’re finished, click Save Note.

To edit an existing note, click on the Options button to the right of its title and select Edit.

Invoice Adjustments

The Invoice Adjustments section displays any invoice adjustments you have set up previously. To make changes to these adjustments, click on the fabric Retailer menu at the top of the page, select Retailer Settings, and then select Default Onboarding Settings.


To visit the Locations menu, select Locations from the navigation at the left of the Supplier Detail page. The Locations menu shows a list of all of the supplier’s warehouse locations. This information is owned by the supplier and cannot be changed by the retailer.

Supplier Information - Locations


To visit the Attributes menu, select Attributes from the navigation at the left of the Supplier Detail page. The Attributes menu features a list of all supplier attributes you’ve created previously, and an Add Attribute at the top right.

Click Add Attribute to open the Edit Connection Attribute popup. In the Attribute dropdown, there are four types of attributes:

  • About Supplier: For key information about the supplier
  • Terms & Conditions: Specific terms and conditions related to the supplier
  • Return Policy: Any agreements related to returns
  • Packing Slip Text: Text that shows below the packing slip that is generated by the supplier when they are fulfilling the order

Supplier Information - Attributes


The Carriers menu is where the retailer designates the Shipping Accounts this specific supplier is able to use. To visit the Carriers menu, select Carriers from the navigation at the left of the Supplier Detail page.

Click Edit Shipping Accounts to open the Update Connection Shipping Methods popup. Use the checkboxes next to each shipping method to choose which one(s) this supplier can use.

Supplier Information - Carriers

If you don’t have any shipping accounts to choose from, you haven’t created one yet. To set up a shipping account, click on the fabric Retailer button in the menu at the top of the page, select Retailer Settings, and then select Shipping Accounts.