Shipments & Tracking

Update orders with tracking information on a single order or in bulk via file upload and generate shipping labels.


Marketplace (Vendors) is now called Marketplace (Suppliers)

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. Marketplace (Merchants) is now Marketplace (Suppliers), but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Register tracking

To register tracking numbers, navigate to the orders list by choosing Orders from the navigation menu at the top.

From the Orders dashboard, choose either Open Orders, Current Orders, or Past Fulfillment SLA.  If you know the PO number of the order you would like to process, use the search bar to search that specific number.

Select an order that you want to fulfill by clicking on the link in the PO # column.

From the Fulfill Items menu, choose Register Tracking Numbers and complete the form.

To register a tracking number, you must enter the Carrier & Service and the Tracking Number in the form.

Select the items that are included in the shipment.

Click on Register Tracking Number at the bottom of the form.

NOTE: You can have multiple tracking numbers for a single order. After you register a tracking number, the form will reset so that you can quickly enter the next tracking number.

Importing shipments

To import shipments, click the More button towards the right-hand corner of the screen next to the search bar, and select Import Tracking Numbers.

If you do not have the Import File Template on-hand, you may download the template via the pop-up screen for Importing Tracking Numbers. Click the blue import template link and the template file will automatically download for your reference and use.

After you have completed the template, save it as a .csv file. 

Drag or select the desired file to the box, and click the Schedule Import button.

NOTE: You can view the file import status within the same pop-up screen by clicking on Check Import Status.

Generate shipping label

To generate a shipping label, choose Orders from the top navigation menu.

From the Orders dashboard, choose either Open Orders, Current Orders, or Past Fulfillment SLA.  If you know the PO# of the order you wish to process you can use the search bar to search a specific PO#.

Click on the blue text (PO#) of the desired order you wish to ship within one of the Order Buckets found via the main Orders dashboard page or use the main search bar for a specific order to launch the Order Detail page. 

Select Print Shipping Labels from the Fulfill Items dropdown and complete the form.

If the order only requires one shipping label click Fill All to fulfill all units on the order for a single shipping label.

If your order requires more than one shipping label, add the number of units for each of the items by clicking on the plus sign + to add the unit(s) shipping in the package.

Add the shipping dimensions of the package and click Create Label.

NOTE: If your order requires multiple packages to be shipped, you will need to repeat the process until all associated items on the order.

After you have successfully generated shipping labels, the page will refresh. The tracking number(s) associated with the order will appear along with a new button for your team to Print all Labels.

When you press the Print All Labels button, a pop-up will appear for your team to review the carrier shipping labels. You can click the Open in New Tab button to download and print the documents on a separate tab.