Migrate to fabric

Prepare for moving from monolithic commerce platforms to fabric's service-oriented commerce platform.

Businesses must move away from monolithic commerce platforms to create modern buying experiences at scale; enterprises must move away from legacy monoliths by Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle; and startups must move away from newer monoliths by Shopify and BigCommerce. These monoliths must be broken down and ultimately replaced with distinct commerce services.

This process is known as moving from a monolithic architecture to a service-oriented or microservices-based architecture. This process is streamlined by using the Strangler pattern and cloud-based commerce services and APIs. Instead of replatforming, you can use the strangler pattern; instead of building commerce services in-house and self-managing open source software, you can use fabric.

To support you in this endeavor, we have created some high-level guides for migrating core commerce functionality from your monolith to fabric.