Release Notes

Copilot application and onboarding

March 2022

fabric Pay is now offered as a new Copilot application. You can now initiate your payment onboarding form directly within the Pay app and complete the verification step. Once verified, you are ready to accept online card payments with fabric Pay. You can then access your payouts and account details.

Funds capture update

Nov 2021

fabric Pay Payment Intent API will now automatically capture the funds on successful creation and authorization of the payment as default behavior. You will receive funds sooner from your customer by capturing the payment on time before the authorization expires (typically 7 days). You can also override this default setting using new environment variable OVERRIDE_CAPTURE_METHOD to change the default capture behavior.


Sept 2021

Enhance monitoring and alerting in now available using AWS resource tags and the DataDog APM plugin.

Backend upgrades

Aug 2021

Upgraded the backend runtime from NodeJS 10.x to 14.x as the NodeJS 10.x runtime reaches end of life on AWS Lambda. 14.x is the latest generally available runtime for NodeJS on AWS lambda at the time of this release, and should be supported for the next 2 years.

Initial release

May 2021

fabric Pay Commerce APIs are now available to accept online payments from your end customers. You can now use Payment Intent APIs to build an integration that can handle complex payment flows.

Available Payment Intent endpoints:.

  • Create - Creates a Payment Intent object.
  • Confirm - Confirm that your customer intends to pay with current or provided payment method. Upon confirmation, the Payment Intent will attempt to initiate a payment.
  • Capture - Capture the funds of an existing uncaptured Payment Intent.
  • Update - Updates properties on a Payment Intent object without confirming.
  • Cancel - A Payment Intent object can be canceled. Once canceled, no additional charges will be made by the Payment Intent and any operations on the Payment Intent will fail with an error.
  • Get - Retrieves the details of a Payment Intent that has previously been created.

Customer and Payment Method APIs are also available. The Customer object represents a customer of your business. It lets you create recurring charges and track payments that belong to the same customer. Payment Method objects represent your customer's payment instruments. They can be used with Payment Intents to collect payments or saved to Customer objects to store instrument details for future payments.

Available Customer endpoints:

  • Create
  • Get
  • List
  • Update
  • Delete

Payment Method endpoints:

  • Attach Payment Method to a Customer
  • Detach Payment Method from a Customer
  • Get
  • Update
  • List