Adding a Text Attribute


Text attributes allow you to add text-based information about a category, such as a description or a code snippet. You can use any combination of text, numbers, or special characters for this attribute type.


Ensure you have administrator privileges to fabric Products. For more information, see Role-Based Access Control.


  1. In the left menu, click Products > Attributes > Category.
    The Category Attributes page is displayed.
  2. Click New Attribute.
    The Create category attribute page is displayed. The Text attribute type is selected by default.
  3. In the Attribute title field, enter a name for the attribute.
  4. In the Type of text field, select one of the following:
    • Small text: For single-line text attributes.
    • Text Area: For multi-line text attributes.
    • Html: For text area attributes that support HTML.
  5. Click Save.

The text attribute with the specified settings is created.

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