Bulk Uploads


PIM is now called Products

Some of fabric's products are undergoing name changes. PIM is becoming Products, but you may see the old name in some places as we make the transition.

Import attribute data from .csv files


In order to bulk import attributes, you need to prepare the CSV template. The list below explains the fields within the CSV template. Complete as many fields as possible before uploading your CSV file to Products.

Template Fields

Common Properties

  • Attribute Title (required): The name of the attribute
  • Type of Attribute (required): One of the following- Text, Number, Date, Boolean, Serial, List of Values (You can write LOV as well)
  • Description (Optional): More details about the attribute
  • Calculation Formula (Optional): Populate with a formula to calculate attribute values.
  • Validations Formula (Optional): Populate with a formula to set business validations on attribute values.
  • Mandatory (required): This field defines if your attribute is mandatory (for all items) or optional. Acceptable values are TRUE and FALSE

Attribute type specific properties

  • Number type
    • Decimal (required): Only relevant for Number type attributes. When TRUE, the attribute allows decimal values; when FALSE, only whole numbers are accepted.  The default value is TRUE if not given.
    • Min (Optional): Only relevant for Number type attributes; defines the minimum value for attribute validation
    • Max (Optional): Only relevant for Number type attributes; defines the maximum value for attribute validation
  • Date type
    • Date Format (required): This field is Mandatory only for Date type attributes. It defines the date format for the field. Without a format, the attribute will not be imported. Acceptable formats include:
      • MM/DD/YYYY
      • MM-DD-YYYY
      • DD/MM/YYYY
      • DD-MM-YYYY
      • YYYY/MM/DD
      • YYYY-MM-DD
  • Serial type
    • Start With: Only applicable for Serial Type attribute. This defines the starting number of a serial type attribute
    • Increment by: This defines the increment size for the serial type attribute.
  • List of Value
    • Value 1, Value 2, and so on (required for List of Value) - In order to create a List of Value type attribute, at least one value has to be provided in the spreadsheet. You can add more columns as required in the same pattern.

Uploading the CSV file

Go to the Attributes Items page.

Click Import Item Attributes.

SelectChoose file and navigate to your file to upload.

To obtain a template to review and populate, select the template here link in the dialog box.

Click Upload file.You can monitor the status of your upload inImport History.

SelectUpload file to initiate upload process.

Import History

The status of bulk imports is available on the Import History page.

To view your past imports, go to the Attribute Itemlist page.

Click Import History to see all imports with their status.

Clicking on any listing will take you to the Import Summary for that upload to view additional details including errors. The operation is all or nothing. Any errors prevent any portion of the upload.

You can export errored items, correct the errors, and re-upload the file.


  • File name - title that will appear when item is visible on a webpage.
  • Type - number of alternative versions such as color or size.
  • Status - successfully Completed or Failed with error.
  • Created - date uploaded to Products.
  • Message - Import successful or Errors identified if more than one type.

Import Summary

Clicking on any listing in the Import History page will provide details on that import.

Export errored attributes will download a copy of the file originally uploaded and a CSV file with all errors listed.

Download original file will download a copy of the file originally uploaded.