Importing Categories


Categories are hierarchical tree structures that allow you to organize items, variants, and bundles into groups based on similar attributes. This document covers the process of importing multiple categories using a CSV file. You can also add categories individually.

CSV File Guidelines

You can import categories using CSV files only, farbic does not support any other data or file formats. Here are the key points to consider:

  • The headers, represented in the first row of the CSV file, should match the attributes of the category.
  • While category titles are not case-sensitive, maintaining case consistency with the original category titles is recommended.
  • Empty rows and columns are ignored.
  • We recommend that you download the template file to use as a guide when creating your own CSV file for import to minimize errors during the import process.

Category Data Formatting

When preparing your CSV file for import, ensure that the category data format aligns with the column requirements. Different columns have specific data input requirements:

  • Action: Accepts one of the following commands:
    • Create adds a new category.
    • Update replaces the details of an existing category.
    • Upsert creates a new category or replaces the details of an existing category.
      Note that if no action is specified for a row, upsert is considered the default.
    • Delete removes an existing category.
  • Node ID: Represents the Category ID.
    • When creating a category, this field must be left blank; otherwise, you will receive an error.
    • When updating, upserting, or deleting a category, enter the Node ID or Node Name.
  • Parent Category: Unless you are creating a primary or root category, specify the parent for the new category you want to create or update.
  • Node Name: Name of the root, branch, or leaf categories that you are creating or updating.
  • Order: The order in which a given category must appear among sibling categories. If multiple categories are assigned the same order, the newly added categories appear in alphabetical order.
  • Product Attributes: Attributes of products associated with a category.
  • Category Attributes: Attributes of a category.


Ensure that you have access to fabric Products in Copilot.


  1. In the left menu, click Products > Categories.
    The Categories page is displayed.
  2. Click Import.
    The Import CSV file window is displayed. This window provides a link to download an example template for the CSV file.
  3. To import a CSV file, do one of the following options:
    • Drag and drop the CSV file into the window.
    • Click Select a File from your computer.
    • Click Import file.

The CSV file is imported and the changes you indicated to your categories are made.

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