Products enables one or more collections to support different business use cases such as the grouping of items for marketing purposes, promotions, or warehousing organization. Categories of collections are dynamic and populated from the category which is the original source of items.

Create Collections

Navigate to Categories and click Collections.

Add aTitle on the line on the line under Collections and click Enter/Return.

In the Add here box under Level: 0, enter a category name and click the blue checkmark.

Click the + sign to enter more categories at Level: 0 in this Collection.

Click the any category name to add subcategories. A new level will appear to the right of the selected category.

Repeat the steps above for each the new category and subcategory.

NOTE: You can also create categories by dragging and dropping from the category. When a category is created using drag and drop, all subcategories are created with it.

Add category attributes

Any category can be assigned attributes. Subcategories will inherit the attributes of the parents.

To assign attributes at any level , click the vertical ellipsis () icon and select Category attributes.

In the Category attributes dialog box to the right, add one or more attributes by clicking the + sign and checking the relevant boxes.

NOTE: Attributes added at Level: 0 will be inherited by all subcategories. Attributes added to any other categories not at Level: 0 will only apply to that subcategory.

Manage category items

Any new item created in the category automatically populates in the collections. The rules and conditions of this inheritance are determined by Sources, Source Exclusions, and Attribute conditions.

To configure these inheritance rules, click the vertical ellipsis () icon for any subcategory in the Collections section and select Manage category.

Sources, Source Exclusions, and Attribute conditions.

  • Sources: These are categories (nodes) of the category that provide a list of items to be inherited by a category of a collection. Only items that belong to this list can be part of the destination subcategory of a collection. You can add sources to any subcategory in a collection. Sources are inherited by the subcategories as well.
  • Source Exclusions: These are exclusions of the sources applied on a particular category of a collection. Users can restrict items added to a subcategory by applying exclusions to every source it has added or inherited from its parent category. Source exclusions are inherited from categories to their subcategories
  • Attribute Conditions: These are filters on the list of items inherited by subcategories from sources. Conditions can be configured for each attribute based on the type of the attribute. Attribute conditions are inherited from parent category to subcategories

All the items that match the criteria of source, source filters, and attribute conditions will be added to the subcategory.

Click Save.

View subcategory items

Click the vertical ellipsis () icon for any subcategory.

Select View Items to view a list of all items that belong to the particular category.