Fulfillments Main Screen


The Fulfillments main screen shows all existing orders.

User Settings

Click on the user’s initials at the top-left of the page to visit the settings section, where you can make changes to various in-app settings, like the user’s location.

Filtering Orders

Click the Filter Orders icon at the top-right of the Fulfillments page to open the Filters menu. You can filter by the date the order ships, the order’s status, and special handling instructions. After you’ve set up the filter settings, click Save to view results.

To remove filters, click the Filter Orders button again, select Clear, and then click Save.


To search for an order, type key words into the search bar and hit enter to display any matching results.

Orders and Items Toggle

The Orders and Items toggle allows you to switch between the Orders and Items views.

The Orders view shows all orders divided into two categories:

  • Pickup Orders: Orders that the customer will pickup from the store or warehouse
  • Shipping Orders: Orders that need to be placed with a shipping courier for fulfillment

Select Items to switch to the Items view, which displays the items in an order.

Orders View

Each individual order is displayed as a tile with a quick look at some information about the order and the customer. Moving from left-to-right, an order tile shows the:

  • Order number
  • Number of items in the order
  • Special instructions tag for value-added service (VAS) options like installation or giftwrapping
  • Date the order must be fulfilled
  • Customer’s name
  • Shipping instructions

Fulfillments, Pickups, and Notifications

The Navigator at the bottom of the screen features controls to switch between the Fulfillments, Pickups, and Notifications views.