Shipping Orders


Shipping is the third step in the fulfillment process. In fabric Orders, shipping can refer to traditional shipment via a carrier or pickup by the customer.


Once all items have been picked and packed, the Ship button appears at the bottom of the screen.

Pressing the Ship button opens a popup with a prompt to review the order’s value-added services (e.g. installation, gift wrapping, etc.).

To proceed, click View items and the popup advances to a list of all items in the order that have VAS instructions. Press on an item to view its specific instructions and click Done when finished. When you’re finished with all VAS instructions, press Proceed to ship.

The Shipping Method menu will open with a list of all shipping methods. Choose a shipping method and then press Select shipping method to proceed to the ship stage.

Ship Stage

The Ship Stage is a summary of the order so far. The progress bar at the top of the screen shows that the Pick and Pack Stages have been completed and that the Ship Stage is in process. Below the progress bar, there is a list of all Items and Parcels in the order along with the shipping method that’s been selected.

Press the Generate labels button to generate the shipping and packing labels.

After the labels are generated, the Print Labels menu opens at the bottom of the screen. Press the print icon next to Print shipping labels or Print packing slips to open the Print Options screen where you can see PDFs of the labels and choose a printer, number of copies, layout, and more.

To re-access the labels, press the ellipses button at the top right and select Reprint shipping labels.

Once the labels have been printed, a Done button appears at the bottom screen. Press it to complete the order and return to the Fulfillments main screen.