Picking Orders


Picking items is the first step in the fulfillment process. It involves selecting the items in a customer’s order to prepare them to be packed.

It can be done with or without a scanner.

Picking Items (with scanner)

Select Scan in Items on the Items tab from the Fulfillments menu to begin picking and scanning the items the customer has purchased.

Scanning an item’s barcode will bring up a notification that the item has been picked. Its quantity will be updated in the items section.

Once all the items are scanned, a button appears at the bottom of the screen to Pack the order.

Picking Items (without scanner)

Select an order type from the Fulfillments main screen and the Order Details panel will open at the right, displaying customer details at the top including their name, phone number, email address, and address.

The Items list below the customer details is a list of all the items that are required for fulfillment of the order. Each item is displayed in its own accordion. Clicking on the accordion shows the item’s images, SKU, weight, size, and color.

Click the Begin button at the bottom of the Order Details panel to initiate the pick process.

Pick Screen

The Pick screen is the first step in the Pick process. The progress bar at the top of the page shows the current step in the Pick, Pack, and Ship process.

At the top-left, there’s a back button to return to the Order Details.

Click the ellipses at the top-right to open the order options dropdown. Note: The options in this dropdown stay the same throughout the Pick, Pack, and Ship process, but depending on the step in the process, some options are disabled.

Print pick list: Print the list of items as a PDF

Reject order: Select Reject Order and the Reject Fulfillment popup will open. To reject the order, use the field at the top to confirm the order number and then use the Reason dropdown to select a reason. Click Reject Order to proceed or Cancel to exit.

There are two sections below the progress bar: Items and Parcels.

In the Pick stage, the Items section shows the number of items required to fulfill the order, and the Parcels section is blank.

The Items section has a Use Barcode Scanner to Pick Items button so that you can switch to scanner mode.

To continue picking items manually, click on an item to open the Item Options popup, which has several options:

  • Manually Pick: Advances the popup to the Manual Pick screen, which features information about the item and a counter to set the number of items to be picked manually. Choose the number of items to pick and select Done to continue. The Items section will be updated to reflect the item(s) you picked. A notification will appear at the top of the page letting you know that the quantity has been updated.
  • Product Info: Displays details about the product.
  • Scratch Item: Allows you to mark the item in the order as unavailable because it is either Damaged, Out of stock, Not found, or On hold. Adjust the applicable quantities and click Done to save or Cancel to exit.
  • Value Added Services: Displays any special instructions for the item (e.g. installation, gift wrapping, etc.).
  • Unpick item: Only available for items that have already been picked. Selecting Unpick item opens the Are you sure you want to unpick this item? popup. Click Yes to confirm or Cancel to exit.