Release Notes

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February 2022
Integrate your point-of-sale software with fabric’s API to enable recurring orders in your store. 

Set pricing, billing, and shipping intervals for products and services. Create unique discounts for each subscription interval and choose whether subscriptions will end on specific dates or be active until cancelled. 

Define the frequencies customers will be billed and shipped products by setting multiple billing and shipping frequencies per plan. Customers can choose to pay for multiple months in advance by separating billing and shipping frequencies.

Create completely custom experiences for the customer. Pause and skip subscriptions, unskip previous subscriptions, and cancel subscriptions. Choose a custom charge date for individual orders to avoid card failures and subscription cancellations. Allow customers to pick up their subscriptions in-store. 

Give customers a grace period for missing a payment. Configure the amount of time customers have to retry their payment, and set customer accounts to cancelled after the grace period ends. 

Customers can give subscriptions as gifts by adding the recipient’s information at checkout. The subscription will only activate once the recipient accepts the gift.