Configure webhooks, custom attributes, and notification settings


Click on the Settings tab in the left column to access developer webhooks and API keys.

The default Settings view is the Webhooks view. Click on the Add Webhook button to create a new webhook. From the Add Webhooks modal:

  • Select an event from the Event drop-down menu
  • Choose a format
  • Enter the URL
  • Click Save

To the right of the Add Webhook button, there’s a list of previously created webhooks. Mouse over a webhook and click on the View button to make changes in the Add Webhooks modal.

Settings - webhooks

Click on Notification & Dunning to control when events are triggered in the system. Mouse over the list of notifications at the right and click on the Edit button to make changes. Set events to trigger a few days earlier so that customers can be informed ahead of time.

Settings - notifications & dunning

Choose Custom Attributes to send additional information about a plan to your storefront. Click on the Add New button to create a new attribute. From the Add New page:

  • Select an attribute from the Attribute type drop-down menu
  • Name the attribute
  • Give the attribute a description
  • Click Save

Once the custom fields are created, they can be added to new or existing plans from the Plan Manager.

Mouse over the list of existing attributes at the right and click on the Edit button to make changes.

Settings - custom attributes