fabric Community Code of Conduct

We value the participation of all members, and are committed to providing a friendly, helpful, and inclusive environment. All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy, and abide by the fabric Community Code of Conduct.


Here are a set of guidelines that will help you navigate the forum, and engage in constructive and meaningful interactions.

  • Try searching first
    • Someone may have already answered the questions you seek answers to. Use the search bar and tags to filter out the specific threads that may be relevant.
  • Provide the details
    • Provide as much detail as possible, such as: links to web pages, specific fabric API endpoints, code snippets, product names, etc… will help others better understand your questions, and to provide you with the most relevant information or solutions.
  • Stay focused
    • When commenting or replying to a post, stick the question or topic at hand. If you have a tangential question or topic, start a new post. Abruptly changing the topic will derail the conversation and make it more difficult for others to get the information or advice they’re seeking.
  • Avoid zombie-posting and commenting on really old posts
    • Ecommerce, and technology in general, is an ever-changing and older solutions may no longer apply. If a thread is significantly out of date (older than six months), instead of commenting on it, feel free to start a new thread.
  • Be respectful
    • Treat others with respect by keeping a positive tone and providing constructive comments.
  • Be considerate
    • All communications within the fabric community forum should be appropriate for a professional audience including people of many different experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds.
  • Do not SPAM
    • The fabric community is a place to seek answers and to engage with other members for solving ecommerce problems. Irrelevant solicitations, advertisements, and any content that violates our Terms of Use, will be deleted.


It is our top priority to ensure we provide all participants with a safe and respectful environment. If you have been subjected to or have witnessed any behavior that violates the fabric community Code of Conduct, please report it promptly to our community team at [email protected].

In your message, please provide with the following details:

  • A link to the offending content
  • A description of the violation
  • The time and date of the occurrence
  • Usernames, email addresses, legal names, or any contact information for any participants or witnesses
  • Any other supporting material which you think may be helpful

Helping your business succeed is our Community’s number one priority, but this is not a real-time support channel. If you require assistance on an issue that requires immediate attention, please reach out to our support team.