Getting Started with Exports

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fabric Exports API supports exporting data of different modules such as Orders, Locations, Allocations, Inventory, Invoices, Networks, Shipping_Methods, and Aggregated_Networks. fabric's Exports API lets you export module-specific data (saved in JSON format in the database) to a zip file. These zip files contain different CSV files where:

  • Each field of a single JSON schema is a file header (also called column title) in the CSV file

  • Each item of the JSON schema is a row in the CSV file

The data, in the database, are arranged as nested objects and arrays which are complex to use. fabric's Exports API simplifies the data of a single object by segregating them into multiple CSV files (by specific identifiers) for ease of use.

The following are the module (fabric service) names and its generated CSV files:

1. Orders: order (exported by item), discount, logs, notes, payments, shipInfo
2. Allocations: allocation, logs
3. Shipments: shipment
4. Shipping_Methods: shipping_methods
5. Locations: location
6. Invoices: invoice, appeasements, discounts, payments
7. Inventory: inventory.

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