Getting Started with Orders

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fabric Orders API is a scalable multi-tenant service designed to streamline your order management process. Orders API is a REST and JSON driven interface enabling retailers to create orders directly from online Storefronts and Point-of-Sale systems, and serve as records of purchase transactions to permit retailers to operate against a standard schema with varied purchase channels.

fabric Orders API creates orders real time in the orders database, unifying the order data for users to streamline order lifecycle orchestration and customer service operations. It offers a range of features including the ability to create orders, get orders, update pickup details, and track orders, as well as search for existing orders. Also, the Orders API makes it easy to check eligibility of return, cancel, and exchange requests as well process them, if eligible. In addition, you can flag fraudulent orders based on due diligence, and either release them from hold or cancel them altogether. The appeasement feature helps you resolve any issues that may arise with an order and keep your customers happy.