API References

fabric APIs are based on Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural principles and follow the OpenAPI 3.0 standard. You can connect to the APIs using fabric tools, or call individually from other systems to build custom solutions of any size or configuration.

fabric provides the following APIs:

  • Cart and Checkout(CnC): fabric's service for the management of online shopping carts, including items and configuration of shipping, fulfillment, and payment options to ensure a smooth checkout experience for your customers. Cart collection and checkout collection are available for you to download.
  • Identity: Identity API allows you to manage user roles and permissions to ensure secure and personalized access to your storefront or e-commerce systems. Identity collection is available for you to download.
  • Offers: fabric’s pricing and promotions engine with tools to manage price lists, item prices, and discounts.. Offers collection is available for you to download. For more information about offers, see the Offers Overview, Pricing, Promotions, and Coupons sections.
  • Orders: fabric's API for centralized order, inventory, and warehouse information. Orders API supports order placement, allocation, handling back orders and pre-orders, exporting data, generating invoices, creating and managing shopping lists, sending notifications, handling cancellations and returns, order tracking, fraud checks, updating payment status, creating appeasements, creating and managing shipments, shipping methods, and more. Orders collection is available for you to download.
  • Products: Products API enables you to efficiently manage your product catalog to ensure accurate and up-to-date information across all your sales channels. Products collection is available for you to download.
  • Inventory: fabric's API for tracking inventory across networks and locations. Inventory collection is available for you to download.

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