Make your first API request

This section provides you the instructions to use the Create Attribute endpoint. With this endpoint, you can create attributes that can be assigned to a product or category.



  1. Open your preferred API testing tool or command-line interface.
  2. To run the following API call, set the following headers in the request with the corresponding values and add the payload as in the example:
    • x-fabric-tenant-id: Replace <Tenant-Id> with your fabric tenant ID.
    • Authorization: Replace <Generated-access-token> with the access token obtained from the previous steps.
    • Content-Type: Set this header to application/json.
       curl --location 'https://api.fabric.inc/v3/product-attributes' \
       --header 'x-fabric-tenant-id: <Tenant-Id>' \
       --header 'Authorization: <Generated-access-token>' \
       --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       --data '{
          "name": "20063",
          "localizedProperties": {
             "en-US": {
                   "name": "demo_en_us_attribute"
          "description": "Demo_attribute",
          "type": "TEXT",
          "target": "PRODUCT",
          "isLocalizable": false,
          "validation": {
             "isMandatory": false,
             "subType": "SMALL_TEXT",
             "customValidationFormula": ""
    Note that this payload is an example. You can edit it as required.
  3. Send a POST request to the https://api.fabric.inc/v3/product-attributes endpoint.
    A response with the status code 200 is returned with the following information:
       "id": "",
       "name": "",
       "description": "",
       "isLocalizable": ,
       "target": "",
       "type": "",
       "validation": {
          "isMandatory": ,
          "subType": "",
          "customValidationFormula": "",
       "updatedAt": "",
       "createdAt": "",
       "updatedBy": ""

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