Checkout FAQ(s)

fabric Checkout

Q: What are the pre-requisite fabric services required to work with fabric Checkout?

A: When working with the fabric Checkout, it is recommended to use the following four fabric services to support the checkout functionality, along with validation:

  1. fabric products (previously PIM) for item validation during cart retrieval to confirm the product is both available and active.
  2. fabric Offers for price validation, promotions and coupons application during cart retrieval. It is used to get the current pricing and promotions for products.
  3. fabric Inventory for validation during cart retrieval. It is used to confirm the product availability.
  4. fabric OMS as the target Order Management system (OMS) for the newly created orders.


Q: What Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or payment gateways are supported by fabric?

A: fabric facilitates payment processing through our Payments service, which works in tandem with provider-specific payment connectors. These connectors enable you to authorize, charge, refund, and void payments. The list of supported payment connectors (and PSPs) can be found here.

Q: What if my payment gateway is not supported?

A: If your payment gateway is not included in the current list of supported PSPs, contact your CSM to inquire about its availability in the road-map.

Q: How do I get a payment method/provider enabled for a specific account?

A: To enable a payment methods, you need to set it up as a payment connector on your fabric account. The fabric support team will configure your account using credentials you provide for the Payment Service Provider (PSP). When you are ready to start testing, contact your delivery manager or Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Q: Is split tender (paying via multiple payment methods) supported?

A: Yes, fabric supports split tender in the checkout process. You can reference multiple payment connectors in the checkout request and allocate or split the charge among them as you see fit. The most common split tender use case is splitting the order total between a credit card and a gift card.

Q: Is paying with gift card supported?

A: Yes, fabric can work with your gift cart service provider to create a connector that functions as a payment connector during the checkout process.

Q: How do I conduct test checkouts without an active PSP account?

A: To bypass online and live payment authotrization during testing, you can use the CASH_ON_DELIVERY option. This allows you to simulate the checkout process without the need for an active PSP account.


Q: Where are tax amounts required?

A: Sales tax can be computed externally using a non-fabric service and the resultant tax amount can be injected into checkout as itemTaxes, shippingTaxes,and feeTaxes.