Basic steps to begin building your first promotion


Prior to using Offers, you must be an existing Products user. Without product data already uploaded into the Items menu in Products, you will not be able to use Offers.

Promotion creation

The Promotions menu in Offers gives you the ability to create promotions ranging from large store-wide sales down to detailed, item-specific discounts and everything in between. The promotions you create in Offers discount the prices in Products.

Build a promotion

Launch Offers from the Copilot application.

Select Promotions from the navigation at the left and click the Add promotion button.

In the Promotion details section, give the promotion a title, start date, and end date. Then choose whether you want the promotion to apply to any price list or a specific price list.

Under SKU selection, select the categories, collections, or attributes to include or exclude products from this promotion.

Select the Promotion type by choosing whether you would like the promotion to apply to specific SKU(s), a customer’s Cart Value, or the Quantity of items in a customer’s cart. 

All three types of promotions let you offer customers a Percentage off or an Amount off their order, while SKU promotions have the additional option of a discount on Shipping. 


The Cart Value and Quantity options allow you to create progressive promotions in Tiers for customers whose carts reach a certain minimum dollar amount or number of items. 

An example of a three-tiered promotion based on cart value would be a  10% discount once the customer’s cart reaches $100, a 15% discount once the cart reaches $150, and a 20% discount once the cart reaches $200.

Follow the same basic steps to create a coupon.