Bulk Import


With fabric Products, you can import data from external sources by using a CSV file.


Ensure that you have configured attributes and categories to import data through CSV.

Creating Template

Generate a CSV file to import items, bundles, categories, or product attributes.

Category Node: This represents the category to which the item belongs and is mandatory to add an item.

SKU: The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) must be specified for all items that needs to be imported.

Parent SKU: This is can be optionally included for item variants. Leave this field blank if the item does not have a parent.

Upload file requirements

  • Products only accepts CSV files. Currently, no other data or file formats are supported.
  • Mandatory fields:
    • Category Node: Delimiter for the category nodes is “->”
    • SKU
  • Headers of the CSV file (first row) represent the attributes of the item. Attribute titles are not case sensitive, but it is recommended to maintain case-consistency with the original attribute titles.
  • Formulas in formula-driven attributes are run automatically after items have been imported.
  • Empty rows and columns are ignored.
  • Attribute data format must conform to attribute type requirements:
    • Text: Text string
    • Number: Only numbers are imported; other data is ignored.
    • Boolean: TRUE or FALSE only; other values are ignored.
    • Date: Use the same format used for attribute creation.
    • List of values: The value must be an exact match to one of the list values.
    • Serial: Leave this blank.
  • The Status attribute will be imported as Live only when all the mandatory attributes are specified for the item. Otherwise, it automatically changes to Draft status, regardless of the value in the file.

Uploading the CSV file

  1. Generate an Amazon S3 bucket URL for items, bundles, categories, or product attributes.
  2. Download the template for items, bundles, categories, or product attributes.
  3. Upload the URL.
  4. Open the URL from the response of the above endpoint, change the method to PUT, update binary in the requestBody type to view the select file option and upload a CSV from local system.
  5. You may check the status of your import here.

Import Error Messages in error file

Error MessageDescriptionImpactTroubleshootingComment
Category Node not foundCategory Node name is incorrect or missing.Item cannot be created without a proper category node.Verify the name of the node and the delimiter.
Internal Server ErrorServer issuesItem is not created or updatedTry againThis is an intermittent issue, might come randomly.
“Attribute Name” not foundThe attribute mentioned in the CSV header is not added to the Category. Attribute Name must be an exact match.The item is created but this specific attribute is ignored.Check the name of the attribute, ensure this attribute is added to the Category to which you are trying to import the items.
“Attribute Name” value is invalid. The value provided did not pass the validation.The attribute value is not saved to the item.Specify the correct attribute value.For example, if you add a text for a number type attribute, you will get this error.
Status Mandatory attributes requiredTo set Status as Live for an item, all the mandatory attributes must be filled out.The item will be created and attributes will be updated. Item cannot be set to Live. Its status defaults to Draft.Ensure all mandatory attributes have a value in the CSV you are trying to import.When doing a delta import, it is required to have all mandatory attributes and values added for the existing items for the “Live” attribute.
Some mandatory attribute values are missing.There are some mandatory attributes for the category or items that need values. These could be global mandatory (set at the attribute level) or category mandatory (set at the individual category level).Item is created with errors. Only the specified attribute values are added.Include values for all the mandatory attributes.Items can always be created with errors, but they cannot be published unless all mandatory attributes have a value.