Customer Service

fabric Customer API is a suite of APIs that allow you and your business to manage customer information and customer hierarchy.

The underlying model of fabric Customer is heavily inspired by the ARTS (Association of Retail Technology Standards) Customer Model

There are two categories of APIs that make up fabric Customer. They are categorized as:

  • RESTful (Customer B2C & Customer B2B)
  • Entity Model (Customer Entity & Customer Links)

Customer B2C and Customer B2B are RESTful APIs that will cover the majority of use cases when implementing your customer information integration.

Customer Entity and Customer Links are lower level APIs that offer access to the underlying data model of fabric Customer.

Customer Entity APIs expose the core Entities as APIs with CRUD operations. Should the RESTful constraints get in the way of your implementation, you will be able to orchestrate your own calls to work around the constraints of REST.

Customer Link APIs expose the many-to-many joining tables between each entity that have relations. These APIs are useful for when you want to link existing entities to other existing entities, avoiding duplication of entities that would be observed if just using the RESTful APIs.

The intent of both API's is to be 100% interoperable with each other so, if the RESTful APIs do not provide what you need, you can dive into the Entity Model API's and orchestrate them together to fulfill your needs.

Notes are added to the RESTful APIs to show how you can perform the same action with the Entity Model APIs.

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