Earn Points

Earns and accumulates points based on core (earn and burn) rules, promotional rules, etc. set at the club level. It is possible, for instance, to set rules that a member will earn 10 points for every $100 spent in a purchase transaction, and 10 points are equivalent to $2. Rules are customizable based on the requirement.
Points are categorized as:
1) Base points: Earned in any purchase transaction based on the core rule.
2) Bonus points: Earned as a bonus for example on a large purchase.
3) Promotional Points: Earned as part of promotional events.
4) Restricted Points: Points to be used only on specified stores.

Earn endpoint uses the following formula for validating Payload:
1) Amount Paid = Gross Amount - Discounts
2) Net Amount = Gross Amount - Taxes - Discounts
3) At the Transaction Item level: Item Price - (Discount/Quantity) = Net Amount / Quantity
4) Total of all Transaction Items' Gross Amount = Total Gross Amount

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