Member APIs

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fabric Member is a Loyalty Management System (LMS) that enables marketers to create multiple loyalty strategies under a loyalty program to cater to various businesses and customer segments.
Member overview:
During onboarding, you are given the necessary credentials (client_id and client_secret) to obtain an access token, which is required to run every call. Membership hierarchy is organized into Programs, Clubs, and Tiers.
Program is the first hierarchy level and is where rewards and benefits are configured for the organization.
Club is the second hierarchy level and is where Rules for the program are configured.
Each Club must have at least one Tier, which is used to define membership and to configure criteria and thresholds (including free vs paid). Additional hierarchy levels can be added to support the needs of your business.
Members are always enrolled into a Default Tier within a club. When members make purchases, they earn Points based on the rules set at the club level and/or based on promotions. When points in a member account reach a predefined Threshold Value, points are converted to Rewards. This conversion may be manual or automatic depending on the program configuration. Members can Redeem their rewards within the reward Expiry Period. Account point balances are updated after each point-impacting activity.