November 3, 2023

fabric OMS

Release Stage: Public Preview

Today, we are releasing fabric Store Fulfillment to Public Preview to help retailers manage their store fulfillment operations more efficiently. With the iOS and Web Apps, retailers can offer convenient and flexible fulfillment options with pick-up in store and ship from store, increase revenue & sell-through by selling inventory from stores, and control order splitting and routing rules between stores and warehouses with fabric Order Fulfillment Logic.

New Features

LoginSSO IntegrationThe ability for a merchant to log into the app with their preferred SSO provider
HomeUser ProfileThe ability for the user to see their name, store name or location, and associate ID
HomeL1 NavigationThe ability for the user to see and select different logistics operation modes: Fulfillments, Pickups
FulfillmentsFulfillments List PageThe ability for the user to see orders queues sorted and grouped by Service Level.
PickPickup Shipping MethodAbility to manage Pick Up (“Click and Collect” or “BOPIS”).
PickItem TilesSee details of each SKU during the picking process.
PickDevice Camera Scan (“Pick Scan”)Pick items across the store or shelves via camera scan of the barcode or any integrated hardware scanner
PickManual Pick with SKU entryType barcode manually in case a barcode scan fails
PickReject with Reason Codes (“Scratch Items”)Enter different reason codes if the item isn’t available.
PackSelect PackagingDisplay a drop-down option to select a box from a list of available boxes.
PackDevice Camera Scan (“Pack Scan”)Perform a secondary barcode scan at the packing station, as a validation mechanism ensuring that the right items are put in the box.
PackGifting and Value Added ServicesAbility to perform Value Added Service actions (such as Gift Wrapping or Personalized Messages).
PickPacking SlipAbility on the app the print packing slips.
ShipShipping Label Generation and PrintingAuto-select a shipping label per order based on the Service Level of the order and supported carriers for the user. Allows for re-printing of labels.
ShipPickup label printingPrint another label type for BOPIS/Curbside orders based on the order type with a QR code (PX labels) Allows for re-printing of labels Also, prints packing slip per order at the same time (to be added to the box)
Order Lookup (Search)Packing Slip ScanScan a barcode on packing slips to pull order details.
Order Lookup (Search)Customer Order SearchAbility to search by name and order number.
HandoffsPickup signatureConfirm that the proof of identity was verified

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