Publishing Products Outside of a Proposal

If a supplier is not submitting a proposal to you and is importing products through a Shopify import, products can be published directly from the Products Dashboard.

  1. In the main menu, click Products.

    The products page is displayed.

  2. Click products located in the **Browse & Review **section.

  3. Select the products that you wish to publish. Alternativly, you can check the top box to select all products on the first page.

  4. Click Actions.

    The Publish Products window is displayed.

  5. In the Platform field, select Shopify.

  6. In the Template field, select Shopify Export Template.

  7. Click Publish Products.

Publishing Products on a Proposal

Suppliers that have submitted product proposals can be approved and published in the Proposal menu.

  1. In the Proposal Summary page, click Approve.

    The proposal state is changed to Ready to Publish.

  2. In the Assortment Proposal page, click Ready to Publish.

    A list of approved proposals containing the items ready to be published is displayed.

  3. To review a proposal, click the proposal ID.

    The Proposal Detail page is dispalyed.

  4. Click Approve Products.

    The Approve Proposal window is displayed.

  5. In the Do you also want to publish products on this proposal to an external platform? field, select Yes.

  6. In the Platform field, select Shopify.

  7. In the Template field, select Shopify Export Template.

  8. Click Approve.

Checking a Job Status

To confirm that products were successfully created in Shopify, you can check the Jobs Report in Dropship to review the status of the job itself.

  1. Click on your account name in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar.

  2. Click Job Reports.

    The Job Status window is displayed with the most recent jobs at the top.

  3. Click the job ID for the push_products job.

    The job report is displayed.

If any errors occurred when attempting to push products to Shopify, we recommend filing a ticket with support. Please provide fabric support with the following:

  • The error Job ID
  • Vendor Name
  • Product details (new products added X date, or entire catalog)