fabric Tech Support is available for all current customers and registered prospects.

Before issuing a support request, you can refer to our Knowledgebase for Copilot questions or the Developer Portal for info on our APIs.

Dropship Support for Retailers

Under the Support dropdown in the menu at the top of the page, select File a Ticket, complete the form, and click the Submit button. The support dropdown exists on all pages within the platform. It is helpful to submit your request directly from the page where you are experiencing the issue.

Note: Please use your company email address for all form completion.


Use the following lists to help guide you when filling out the Issue Type and Priority dropdown fields. Ensuring these fields are filled out correctly will help fabric’s support team respond to your ticket quickly and accurately.

Issue Types

  • Product Training: Demo fabric Dropship or feature training request.
  • Merchandising: Product Help (Submission of proposals, Cost Updates, Import Request Issues, Broken Images).
  • Upload Failure: Import issues (Products, Inventory, Shipment, Invoices).
  • Order Help: Help during closing orders or registering shipments.
  • Shopify: Shopify Help (Order fulfillment and Inventory Help).
  • Shipstation: Shipstation Help (Order and Fulfillment Help ).
  • Account Help: Supplier, Retailer Settings Help, Adding new users.
  • EDI Integration: EDI Help (Order fulfillment and Inventory Help).
  • API Integration: API Help (Order fulfillment and Inventory Help).
  • Reporting: Reporting requests (Invoice export).
  • Inventory Issues: Inventory Errors (Inventory not updating in fabric system).
  • Proposal Help: Data Correction (fabric Dropship data team proposal help).

Priority Types

  • Urgent: Complete loss of access to fabric Dropship.
  • High: Major functionality is severely impaired (Timeout issues, Product Update Requests not passing Shopify API).
  • Normal: Non-critical loss of functionality of the software or application (Shipment not registering, invoice issue, Order management issues).
  • Low: General usage questions and product help issues (Documentation errors, Adding users, Product Imports, Proposal).

General Support

If you need Tech Support for the fabric Core Platform, click here.