Copilot is the web-based user interface to access fabric’s features, which are also called applications or products. These features enable operators to manage their digital commerce needs directly, using online forms and prebuilt web components thereby reducing dependence on technical development resources and custom code.

  • Product Catalog: fabric’s powerful product information management system that enables complete product catalog administration to ensure accurate and up-to-date information across sales channels.
  • Offers: fabric’s pricing and promotions engine with tools to manage price lists, item prices, and discounts.
  • Orders: fabric’s solution for centralized order, inventory, and warehouse information. Orders supports order placement, allocation, handling of back orders and pre-orders, exporting data, generating invoices, creating and managing shopping lists, sending notifications, handling cancellations and returns, order tracking, fraud checks, updating payment status, creating appeasements, creating and managing shipments, shipping methods, and more.
  • Inventory: fabric’s resource for tracking inventory across networks and locations.