fabric supports integrations with many of its core applications such as Product Catalog, Orders, Inventory, Cart, Checkout, and more. Integrations make working with your choice of a technical vendor easy without the need for custom code.

Standard integrations

fabric has a set of pre-built standard integrations. These standardized integrations cover common use cases making them easy to set up. Standard integrations don’t support customizations to the code but can be configured within 24 hours. The following standard integrations are currently supported:

Custom integrations aren’t supported at this time.


fabric takes security seriously and always follows the recommended standards. AWS secret manager handles all the values passing between the standard connectors and keeps everything encrypted. Additionally, fabric uses each connectors official SDK to send and receive encrypted data.


Currently, fabric monitors all the standard integrations internally by a number of metrics such as latency. It’s encouraged to use a standard integrations respective dashboard to receive more direct monitoring metrics. For example, to confirm a standard integration connector is working as intended, you can check the respective connectors dashboard. The dashboard displays changes that should be happening such as product information updates or payments.

Contact and support

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to fabric customer success.