fabric Inventory is your single source of truth for inventory data. You can receive and track inventory across networks and locations.


Copilot is the primary interface for working with fabric applications. You will need an active account, including an account ID, to access Copilot. Contact your Copilot Admin or Customer Success representative to obtain these credentials.

Launching Inventory

To launch Inventory, log in to your Copilot account and select Inventory from the left-hand navigation.

Inventory is divided into three separate sections accessible from the left column:

  • Manage Inventory - your dashboard for managing and tracking inventory
  • Networks - create rules to define inventory availability
  • Locations - manage location information

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

fabric Copilot provides the ability to restrict the access of different users to information and actions available to them through roles. For more information and instructions on how to set up these controls, visit the RBAC documentation.