To prevent fulfillment or distribution from breaking due to changes, direct editing of rule sets is disabled. Instead, once you have completed your edits, the Clone option is enabled. A cloned rule set acts as a entirly new rule set allowing you to set it as the primary active rule set.

Note that only one rule set can be active at a time.


Ensure that you have the Orders & Inventory Editor or Administrator privileges to fabric Orders. For more detailed information on these settings, see the Role-Based Access Control section.


  1. Using the left navigation, select Orders > Fulfillment.

    • The Fulfillment Rule Set page is displayed.
  2. Using the ID or Name, find the rule set you want to update.

    • The fulfillment rule set table alphebetically sorts your rule sets (A-Z) with your active rule set at the top.
  3. Click the ID.

    • The Edit Fulfillment Rule Set page is displayed.
  4. Click Clone.

    • Editing is disabled until you clone the rule set.
  5. In the Basic Information section, provide a new Fulfillment rule set name and description.

    • Because this is a clone of the previous rule set, it can be confusing if you don’t change the name.
  6. In the Setup your set of rules section, click an order level or item level rule to expand and reveal the conditions and actions for that rule.

  7. Make edits to the fields you want to change.

    • For more detailed information on each of the fields, see the Creating a Rule Set field descriptions section.
  8. Click Save.

The edited rule set is added to the Fulfillment Rule Set table.