Menu v2 enables you to create multiple menus and assign menus to channels and/or locales. Additionally, you can version, schedule, and publish menus similar to pages and global elements. The upgraded interface enables viewing and rearranging menus with less operations.

To upgrade from Menu v1 to v2, please reach out to your Customer Success representative.

Menu v2 consists of nodes which link to the various pages where you would like to drive traffic.

Menu Columns

  • Name - the name assigned to the menu when it was originally created.
  • Channels - the specific experience(s) where this menu should be displayed
  • Menu Status
    • Active - currently in draft or published state
  • Menu version status (visible when menu row toggled open)
    • Draft - page not live but available for edit
    • Scheduled - going live on date and time indicated
    • Live - currently published externally
    • Ended - no longer published externally
  • Scheduled dates - time and date the page was published or the time you have scheduled the menu to go live in the future. This could be an alternate version for a particular event.
  • Last update - time and date of last edit

Mousing over a row in the page list will activate the vertical ellipsis (⋮) with a menu of available operations.

  • Edit details - edit the name assigned channels or locales
  • New version - create a blank new version for this specific menu
  • Delete - delete all versions of menu permanently

Clicking on any menu row will expand the menu’s listing to reveal relevant information for each version including status, scheduled publication, and last update.

Mousing over a version in the page list will activate the vertical ellipsis (⋮) with a menu of available operations.

  • Make a copy - copy this menu version, including all its node data
  • Delete - delete this version of the menu permanently

Add a Menu

To create a menu, select Add Menu. In the modal box, complete the following fields in the General Details section.

Menu name – Enter a name that is relevant for this menu such as “Main Site Navigation” or “Footer Menu”. This will be displayed in the Experiences list of menus when you need to revisit it.

Menu version name – Start with version 1, the date, the promotion event or the versioning methodology standard for your site.

If using Multi-channel and Internationalization features you can also select/deselect the channels and locales for this menu.

Creating Sections and Nodes

Sections allow you to group related menu nodes, such as general product categories, promotion landing pages, support pages or general information.

Nodes are the individual menu links to pages where you would like to drive traffic, such as specific product or content categories.

Both sections and nodes can have links, images, and attributes.

Add a menu section

To add a new section, hover over the vertical ellipsis (⋮) above the desired level and select Add new section. Add a name and press the blue check mark to save. Note: Section names should be unique with in a menu version to avoid confusion with site visitors.

To add menu nodes below a Section, click the on the section to expand it and then press + Add sub-node.

Add a node

To add a new top level node click the + Add a node button in Level 0 column. If you would like to add a new node below another node, first select the node and then press + Add a node button. Add a name and press the blue check mark to save.

Clicking on a node that does not have any child nodes will automatically generate a node, you can enter a name and press the blue check mark to save, or press the X to cancel.

Section and Node edit options

Mousing over a node activates the vertical ellipsis (⋮) with a menu of available operations.

  • Manage node - modify the node details, name, link, images, and attributes
  • Rename - edit the node name
  • Hide - node will not be displayed on your experience
  • Remove - delete the node permanently (cannot be undone)

Manage Section / Node Details

To add details to a node or section, hover over the desired node or section, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) and select Manage node/section.

Change the node name by entering it in Node title field

Declare the subdirectory URL by entering it into the Link field

Add images by expanding the Images section first, then clicking + Add asset

Add attributes for searching and other functions by expanding Other attributes, then pressing + Add attribute, then add info into parameter and value fields and press Apply

Rearrange a menu node

Sections and nodes can be rearranged within the same level. To move a node or section up or down click and hold over the node/section and drag it to the desired location then release.

To remove, click and hold the node and drag the new section or location desired in the menu then release.

To add a node to a section, expand the section where it will be added, then click and hold the node and drag to the new section and release.

Versioning Menus

Menu versioning in Experiences is accomplished by making a copy of an existing page to use for revisions or creating a new blank version for larger changes. Versioning enables you to revert back to any previous page that is still in the list, or schedule future updates to align with promos, seasonal changes, and other related events.

To make a new version of a menu, select the menu, mouse over the version you want to duplicate, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) to bring up the menu and select Make a copy. Update the version name modal box, click the Save button, and the new page will appear. Alternatively you can select New Version to create a new version from scratch.

  • The version naming is your choice. Consistency is best.
  • The next serial ascending number such as 1.0, 2.0
  • The creation date of the new version such as 1 October 2021

Title if it relates to something relevant such as Fall specials

When your edits are completed, you can click Publish to make the menu live now for external viewing or schedule it for future publication. If you choose to Publish this new version it will go Live immediately and change the status of the previously published page to Ended.

Scheduling Menus

Versions of menus can be scheduled for publication in the future. This enables advance planning of content updates for events such as Cyber Monday, promotion launches, or seasonal changes.

Menu versions in Draft can be scheduled by clicking the drop-down arrow on Publish and selecting Schedule. Choose a date and time when this menu version should be published in the modal box and click Save.

NOTE: The date-time displayed is based on your specific time zone, using your computer’s time setting.

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