Subscriptions’ recurring payment setup ensures secure payments without repetitive customer activity.


Copilot is the primary interface for working with fabric applications. You will need an active account, including an account ID, to access Copilot. Contact your Copilot Admin or Customer Success representative to obtain these credentials.

Subscriptions must be connected to a front-end such as a web storefront or mobile app to display content and facilitate interaction.

Subscriptions is designed to work in conjunction with fabric Product Catalog and Offers. Contact your customer success representative to obtain integration instructions if you plan on using third-party services.

Launching Subscriptions

To launch Subscriptions, log in to your Copilot account and select SMT from the menu at the top.

Subscriptions is divided into four separate sections accessible from the left menu

  • Plan Manager - set pricing, billing, and shipping intervals
  • Subscriptions - view and manage all subscriptions
  • Customers - view and manage subscribers and their subscriptions
  • Settings - configure webhooks, custom attributes, and notification settings

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